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*** PS4 ***

Wednesdays - all times below are UK based (GMT+1)

  • 8:00pm
  • 8:25pm
  • 8:50pm (cup)

Can call 10 minutes on each match if needed.

Both GK and ANY are optional.

Games can be rescheduled for a specific day and time over the weekend (Thursday to Sunday of the same week) - but ONLY if agreed by both managers. Only one reschedule per match where day and time must be agreed on match day. 

Players can only play rescheduled matches if they were signed by that team in the same week (Tuesday 10pm).

Any new transfers - players in or out must be submitted by Tuesday 10pm (before match day Wednesday). 

After every match, 2 screenshots are required:

  • Full time score
  • Opponents in game (PSNs)

Both managers MUST MUTUAL PAUSE before kick-off. Press 'Square' and take a screenshot of all PSNs. Teams must field 5 players each game. If your opponent has over or under 5 players in the game... Quit match and question it. After match, check opponent's PSNs on their team page on site... If you see any ineligible players - you can claim the default win.

If a team folds during the season - their past results stick and remain the same. Their future results become 1-0 default wins to their opposition unless we find a replacement from the waiting list. 

No obvious time wasting, especially after the 80th minute.

No players on the goal line during free kicks.

Players are allowed on the goal posts during corners. No players pushing against the goalkeeper!

Teams can sign as many players as they want, throughout the season.

Players can't leave a team unless the manager accepts.

Players can release themselves from their current team at the end of season.

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